February 9, 2014

HTML5 Mobile Site for Cavirtex.com Bitcoin exchange

Update March 2016

Cavirtex has been sold a few times since I built this and the API I used is no longer available. Thus this little app doesn't work currently.

I got into the whole Bitcoin craze a little over a year ago. I've used Cavirtex ever since to exchange Bitcoins for Canadian dollars. Bitcoin is very volatile right now and the prices can flucuate wildly. I found myself continually trying to check current prices on my mobile devices but the Cavirtex site is not responsive and is a real pain to use when you aren't on a full size monitor.

So I built a small Ember.js application that pulls current trade information from Cavirtex and displays it in a nice responsive layout. Check it out and let me know what you think!

My Cavirtex Mobile Site: virtex.matthewsiemens.com

Tags: Javascript Bitcoin Cavirtex