December 19, 2022

Personal and Site Updates

I'm back! Well, actually I never went anywhere. After working all day as a software engineer though my motivation for updating my personal site was non-existent. That's starting to change now though. After an eight year career at Yardi I decided that I wanted a break. I wanted a chance to re-focus and decide what I wanted my life/career to look like going forward.

I requested a six month sabbatical but that wasn't approved. I ended up resigning anyway. I spent the next six months adventuring, travelling, spending time with my family, and getting engaged to my now fiancee! I've continued to do some consulting work as well as work on a few for fun passion projects while I was off.

It's been fun having more control over my day, and being able to work when and how I'm most effective. I've decided to not return to full-time employment, at least not immediately. Instead I'm going to try and grow my consulting business, and keep working on projects and websites that excite me. That also means I'll have more time/capacity to work on projects like this website. There will be lot of new content going forward. Stay tuned for that!